Upcoming Events at the BBA – November 2020

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By: Jennifer D. Taddeo, Conn Kavanaugh and Rebecca Tunney, Goulston & Storrs, Communications Committee, Trusts and Estates

Upcoming Programs at the BBA: 

Introduction to Revocable Trusts   11/4/2020 – 12:30PM to 1:30PM   This program will provide an introduction to revocable trusts in estate planning and review the key components of revocable trusts, including funding formulas, marital provisions, possible trust structures for children and other beneficiaries, and trustee provisions.  The program will also provide drafting suggestions and advice on avoiding certain pitfalls when advising clients about establishing revocable trusts.

Trust Situs: Planning and Administration Considerations   11/5/2020 – 2:00PM – 4:00PM  Trust situs can refer to taxation of a trust, jurisdictional matters, location of assets, and/or principal place of administration. What do trustees and estate planners need to know about this broad, sometimes confusing, topic? Please join us as our panel of experts discusses estate planning, trust administration, and fiduciary income tax considerations relating to trust situs.

Gifts and Sales to Intentionally Defective Grantor Trusts & Use of High Exemption Levels in 2020 – 2021  11/16/2020  – 12:30PM – 1:30PM   This seminar will provide an overview of the structure, tax treatment and proper administration of gifts and sales to intentionally defective grantor trusts (“IDGTs”). Some of the structuring topics we will discuss include:

  • proper trust drafting to ensure estate tax exclusion and grantor trust status for income tax purposes,
  • how to choose the right assets to transfer to an IDGT,
  • “entitizing” assets,
  • the proper documentation needed for a “gift” and/or “sale” of assets, including the use of “defined value” (Wandry) and “price adjustment” (King) language,
    timing issues,
  • debt v. equity issues,
  • ensuring sufficient cash flows,
  • the proper administration of the IDGT after the transfers, and
  • the presenters’ recent audit experience and the IRS’ hostility to the strategy.

We will also focus on the tax benefits including: (i) leveraging assets through use of value-freezing techniques and discounts, (ii) maximizing use of GST exemption, and (iii) optimal benefits of grantor trust status as a means to further deplete the grantor’s estate without consuming exemption and avoid income taxes upon the sale of assets and payments under any promissory note.

This seminar will further discuss why it may be critical to advise clients about using the enhanced wealth transfer tax exemptions now in light of possible post-election reforms. 

Estate Planning with Seniors during COVID-19: Undue Influence, Incapacity & best Practices  11/17/2020 – 12:30PM-1:30PM  In this second part of a two-part series focusing on the unique vulnerabilities of seniors during COVID-19, Attorneys Laura Goodman and Christina Vidoli will discuss best practices with respect to estate planning for seniors during the pandemic and, specifically, how to navigate new challenges such as virtual and socially distanced meetings without putting yourself at risk for later questions of undue influence or incapacity.