Pro Bono Opportunities for Trusts & Estates Attorneys

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The Boston Bar Association’s Trusts & Estates Section has partnered with the Volunteer Lawyers Project (VLP) and the Legal Advocacy and Resource Center (LARC) to assist low income and senior clients. Both organizations are currently seeking to expand their rosters of T&E attorneys for the following pro bono initiatives:

• LARC is seeking T&E attorneys to provide limited legal advice over the phone to low income clients. Attorneys will participate in up to 3 phone calls lasting up to 30 minutes each on a select afternoon (generally Wednesday). Attorneys may participate as often as weekly, or as their schedule permits. The purpose of the call is to advise the client on his or her trusts and estates legal matter. If the attorney determines that the client requires further legal assistance, the attorney will recommend to VLP that the case be further staffed by a volunteer attorney. LARC prescreens each client for income eligibility and identifies the interested parties so that the attorney may check for conflicts before speaking with the client.

• VLP is seeking T&E attorneys on cases requiring assistance beyond LARC’s single phone call, such as probating an estate so that a client may retain a house, or a car often essential for employment. Other clients may need wills, health care proxies, powers of attorney or other basic estate planning documents.

• VLP is seeking T&E attorneys to participate in its guardianship practice. VLP represents those persons who are seeking guardianship for minors or incapacitated adults. VLP manages a clinic at Suffolk Probate and Family Court every Tuesday morning where such persons are given assistance filling out the necessary papers. In some cases, attorneys are assigned to represent the individuals throughout the process. On occasion, there is a need for an attorney to represent a client in a contested matter. Anyone interested in volunteering at the guardianship clinic should first attend training at VLP. The calendar for trainings can be found at VLP’s website.

To join the roster of attorneys for any of these important initiatives or to request more information, contact Dan Biagiotti at LARC ( or Lynn Girton, Chief Counsel at VLP ( Thank you.